Product Manager | Potential Interactions

Product Manger : The product manager is the person who is responsible for defining the ‘why’, ‘what,’ and ‘when’ of the product that the engineering team will build.

The value is in what gets used, not in what gets built.

3 things a Product Manger should do

  • Adapt: Product managers should expect change from the product roadmap and trust that what they end up doing will ultimately benefit the company
  • Believe: Going from the traditional mindset of “Can it be done?” to a product manager’s “What would it take to get this done?”
  • Say No: Just as important, product leaders need to be able to say “no, and here’s why”

What Quality a Product Manger can have ?


  1. Outstanding intellectual ability, able to process and synthesize information
  2. Demonstrated Leadership
  3. Effective and Collaborative attitude inside and outside the organisation
  4. Excellent Communication
  5. What need to be delivered to End User

Good If you have:

  1. Technical Background
  2. Analytical Thinking
  3. Entrepreneur Spirit

Awesome if you have :

  1. Write Codes
  2. MVP or POC design
  3. Extensive Analysis

What could be the basic task of project manager ?

Product Strategy and Definition (Inbound)

  1. Strategy | Vision | Roadmaps: When you are a product manger your vision and goal should be very clear so you can have great strategy by which you can design a roadmap for your team. If all these all 3 key points falls in place then you can easily place your foot and broadcast your product in market.

  2. Features | Requirements | Release : Collecting features by analyzing market or by your end user, converting them into requirement by having brain storming session with team and releasing them successfully in market could be the 2nd inbound key task of product manager

Product Marketing and Go-to-Market (Outbound)

  • Competitive | Customer
  • Naming | branding
  • Product launches | Press | Analyst relations
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cool article! My sister really wants to become a product manager, but still unsure of her strength. Keep writing on this topic, it's very interesting! perhaps this article somehow motivated her!

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Let learning process continue | Project Manager @Radware

Oh this means a lot that article helps you.. will be posting something new shortly on product management.

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As always a very good article, thanks for it :)

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Let learning process continue | Project Manager @Radware

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